Adobe Photoshop Assignments
Photoshop is the first Adobe program students worked with. During the year students were assigned lessons and assignments to help them perfect their Photoshop skills. Lessons were teacher directed in order to gain new skills and assignments were more free form allowing students to expand on those skills.
Melon Man Assignment
The Melon Man Assignment is the first major Photoshop assignment for the multimedia students. It is meant to introduce students to the tools required to select an image and manipulate the selection. Students are given a template of a melon and other pieces of vegetative material to work with. They are then tasked with creating the most unique melon face possible.
Double Watchface Assignment
The Double Watchface Assigment is meant to introduce students to creating and working with layers, using erasing tools, using text tools, adding a gradient to an image and changing the opacity of an image. They are tasked with producing a "collage" printout of two watch faces that have been personalized. Students are given the template of the watches, but must find three personal images on the internet. One image is used for the background of the assignment and the other two images are placed in the watch faces.
Adobe Photoshop Lesson #3
Painting Assignment
The Painting Assignment is meant to allow students to practice with the paintbrush tool, smudge tool, blur tool, etc. Students must choose a black and white image (hand drawn or one off the internet) and color it in.
Adobe Photoshop Lesson #4
CD Cover Assignment
The CD Cover Assignment allows students to work with a CD template that will create an image the same size as a CD sleeve. Students are meant use internet images as well as special photoshop effects on the layers created.
Animal Assignment
The Animal Assignment allows students to practice Photoshop skills like applying affects to layers, creating and editing a quick mask, and extracting an object from its background. Students must seach the internet for animal images as well as a background image. Then they are tasked with creating an image where an animal is placed realistically in a foreign background.
Adobe Photoshop Lesson #5
Clone Stamp Assignment
The Clone Stamp Assignment allows students to explore the uses of the clone stamp tool. The clone stamp tool replicates pieces of an image. Students must remove unwanted objects from a photograph (taken from a magazine) so the result is a clean image without blemish.
Adobe Photoshop Lesson #6
Postcard Assignment
The Postcard Assignment allows students to practice pasting an image inside text. They must first choose a theme, then compile photos having to do with that theme.
Maui Lesson
Personal Logo Assignment
The Personal Logo Assignment is similar to the Postcard Assignment. Students use their initials and personal photographs to create their own personal logo.
Personal Collage
The Personal Collage is a freeform assignment meant to express each student's individuality. Online images, photos and other photoshop projects can be used to create a collage of each students ethnic background, likes and dislikes. Students are also able to use skills they prefected in other assignments to make the collage look the best it possibly can.